Monthly Archives: January 2019

The CFO of VISA had sharp words against Bitcoin and spoke of a bubble. MasterCard’s senior executive was also rather critical of non-government crypto currencies. In both cases, however, the credit card companies are unlikely to impose sanctions. It comes as little surprise when representatives of the classical financial system criticize Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Likewise it hardly surprises unfortunately more, if it lacks this criticism at depth. Leading representatives of VISA and MasterCard, the two largest credit and debit card companies, have made critical comments on crypto currencies. VISA: Crypto currencies are a… Read Article →

Total market capital rose to 326 billion euros at the beginning of this week. All crypto currencies showed profits, with the exception of Bitcoin, which was in the double-digit percentage range. Bitcoin secret little brother Bitcoin Cash was even able to increase by 75 percent The Bitcoin secret price development of the ten crypto currencies with the highest market capital, which is stated in billions of euros, is shown. For Bitcoin secret currencies that are currently not directly exchangeable into euros, the respective trading pair was taken with US dollars as the basis and converted… Read Article →

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