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The tZERO Group is to develop a blockchain solution for cobalt trading on behalf of Chinese GSR Capital. The overstock subsidiary tZERO and the investment company GSR want to create an ecosystem for tokenized raw materials in Asia. Cobalt gets on the blockchain – at least when it comes to the overstock subsidiary tZERO. On behalf of the Chinese investment company GSR Capital, tZERO is to work on a smart contract solution that enables the trading of tokenized assets. Cobalt will be the first asset to be issued by Smart Contract. In addition, the two… Read Article →

In the United States of America, a particularly audacious e-mail is making the rounds. Blackmailers threaten to blow up public buildings and demand a ransom in Bitcoin. Bitcoin news: Terrorism à la crypto The blackmailers demand 20,000 US dollars in Bitcoin – otherwise they want to blow up buildings. As Bitcoin news reported on 13 December, an e-mail went out to public institutions and private individuals threatened with bombs. Read more about it: According to the reports, the blackmailer’s e-mail said: “How do you do? My mercenary carried the bomb into the building where… Read Article →

BitPay has teamed up with the startup BitStraat to launch the Amsterdam Bitcoin City project. The project aims to establish Amsterdam as the “Bitcoin capital of the world”. Interest and the news spy competition In order to do justice to the news spy title, BitPay and the news spy BitStraat have jointly developed a Bitcoin terminal which is distributed free of charge to exactly 100 dealers in the Netherlands. BitStraat was founded by Max Barendregt and Kasper Keunen and acts as an intermediary between Bitcoin accepting companies and the payment processor BitPay. “It makes perfect… Read Article →

Total market capital fell to 329 billion euros. Accordingly, all crypto currencies of the top 10 had to cope with price losses, but a slight recovery is discernible. The price development of the ten crypto currencies with the highest market capital, which is stated in billions of euros, is shown. For crypto currencies that are currently not directly exchangeable into euros, the respective trading pair was taken with US dollars as the basis and converted into euros. The end of last week was marked by the fall of many crypto currencies. Whether or not the… Read Article →

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